Quality of FreeBSD

From: Alexey Yakimovich (aiy_at_ferens.net)
Date: 07/21/05

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    Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 20:43:33 -0700


    I've been using FreeBSD since 2.1 release.
    I really like it. I like everything: kernel, ports, development,
    maintenance and release process.

    Unfortunately I have so many problems with release 5, with ATA (FAILURE
    - READ_DMA, TIMEOUT - READ_DMA, etc) in particularly.
    Definitely I was using production releases only. Finally after so many
    system rebuilds I found 5.3-RELEASE-p13 very stable.
    But because of my previous great experience with FreeBSD I decided to
    upgrade my 5.3 production to 5.4 production (5.4-RELEASE-p4). Now I have
    the same ATA problems as I had with first 5.3 "production" release.
    Please don't tell me that I have bad disk or m/b or ATA controller or
    cable. I'm pretty sure, 90%, it's not hardware related problem.

    My advice to FreeBSD release engineering team:
    - do more testing;
    - have it tested with hardware what was published in "Hardware Notes";
    - do not release it for production if it is not in production quality;
    - reread again what was written by yourself regarding 4.4 release
    I wish to say more.

    This mail was written because I like FreeBSD and I want to continue
    using it. And wouldn't mind to wait longer for real production quality
    releases instead of start using something else. And please, I know, it's
    open source project.

    Best regards,
    Real FreeBSD fan

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