Re: FreeBSD Update is the binary update solution [Re: HEADS UP: Release schedule for 2006]

On Sat, Dec 17, 2005 at 06:19:25PM -0700, Scott Long wrote:
> FreeBSD Update was written by, and is continuously maintained by the
> actual FreeBSD Security Officer. It's as official as it gets. If
> the only barrier to acceptance is that it's not distributed from the
> domain, then a) that's a silly argument, and b) it's easily
> solvable so long as Colin agrees.

But FreeBSD Update suffers from all of the same limitations that I've been
describing because of lack of integration with the Core OS.

1. modified kernels are foobar
..yet are practically mandatory on production systems

2. modified sources are foobar
..yet many common production situations require source compilation options

3. FreeBSD Update can't handle updates of jails and other situations that
package systems deal with just fine.

Jo Rhett
senior geek
SVcolo : Silicon Valley Colocation
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