Re: SSH login takes very long time...sometimes

On Wed, 01 Mar 2006 00:28:14 +0900
Hajimu UMEMOTO <ume@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


On Mon, 27 Feb 2006 18:19:54 +0300
Yar Tikhiy <yar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> said:

yar> I finally spared some time to test your recent changes and found
yar> that the resolver still would retry using the first, and only the
yar> first, domain on the `search' list when the nameserver was down,
yar> which effectively led to another kind of request doubling.

yar> A similar effect was observed when a `domain' line was specified
yar> in resolv.conf in place of `search'.

yar> Is there a real reason to retry with a different domain when the
yar> nameserver doesn't respond at all?

It seems yet another issue. The errors returned by res_querydomain()
are not handled uniformity. Please try following patch:

Thank you! After applaying that additional patch a number of DNS
queries to unreachable name servers has decreased. Now, with three
unreachable name servers in resolv.conf and previously patched (my and
your patches) ftpd(8), I can successfully login to this machine by even
not patched ftp(1) from other FreeBSD 6.1-pre
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