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gareth <bsd@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
hi, i'm on FreeBSD 6.1, with a problematic cpu - it seems
to be overheating and shutting the system down when running
intensive jobs, at the moment i can't even finish compiling
the mysql-server in ports. i've tried running the make with
an increased nice level, but that doesn't seem to change

It shouldn't change anything. The nice level will not
reduce the amount of work that your CPU is doing, it might
only shift that amount between processes.

and looking through ports there only seems to be
cpu monitoring tools, not suppression?

Depending on the type of your CPU (which you didn't tell
us), it might be possible to reduce the clock rate using
the cpufreq(4) framework. You can control it with sysctl.
Reducing the clock rate will reduce the power consumption
and thus the heat generated by the CPU. Of course it will
also make your computer run much slower.

However, since you seem to have a hardware problem, you
should first try to fix your hardware. If the CPU is
overclocked, stop that. If the timing values in the BIOS
setup have been set too tight, correct them. If there's
insufficient cooling (e.g. heat sink to small or not
correctly attached, or broken fan, or whatever), then
fix it.

Best regards

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