Re: Corrupt fonts-alias (Re: xorg 7.2 start problem)

* Kris Kennaway <kris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [2007-05-24 17:08 -0400]:
Unfortunately portupgrade (nor portupgrade-devel) cannot yet handle
the rigors of the xorg upgrade without a small bit of help:

# portupgrade -Rf libXft

before you do the portupgrade -a?

No, that is to avoid a dependency loop involving libXft and
xorg-libraries because of a bug in how portupgrade orders

Ah. I didn't really use portupgrade, I just used it to sort the
ports I wanted to update. And after seeing this (and the failures),
I rebuilt libXft and convinced to use the library in
/usr/local in preference of the one in /usr/X11R6. The following
rebuild of the fonts worked fine.


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