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From 6.2 it's part of the main kernel. As I know IPMI works fine on
X2100M2 machines. On these you've to forget the ipmi console, because once
bge(4) loads it blocks the bridge that the ipmi uses for remote console.
There was a patch for an older bge(4) driver, but on the 6.2 i couldn't
patch the driver. (I looked the source, but the two was too different, and
since I'm not a C programmer I couldn't manage to port.)

Will I still be able to reboot a frozen machine ? I have only 2 machines
with bge NICs, all others are intel.

When you load ipmi(4) with kldload there may be a some second pause, but
don't panic then, that's no freeze. :)

Good to know :)

Thanks for feedback,

Nicolas Szalay

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