Re: Error compiling buildworld

On Sat, Mar 22, 2008 at 3:42 PM, Jeremy Chadwick <koitsu@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> My make.conf flags:
> CPUTYPE?=prescott
> CFLAGS= -O -pipe
> COPTFLAGS= -O -pipe
> CC=/usr/local/libexec/ccache/world-cc
> CXX=/usr/local/libexec/ccache/world-c++
> (I try with and without ccache).
I'm willing to bet that the compiler tinkering you've done is causing
said problem. It would indicate whatever compiler is being used
("world-cc") is acting as if it doesn't understand the compiler flag
specified. I can assure you that gcc does support this option.

It is the gcc of the system! How is possible that gcc from fbsd 7.0
doesn't understand a compiler flag from fbsd 7.0 sources? Excuse, but
I'm a bit newbie...

It would be useful to see see the buildworld output with CXXFLAGS,
COPTFLAGS, CC, and CXX disabled in your make.conf. I realise you said
"I get the same error without this stuf", but you should've sent *that*
buildworld output. :-)

Is the same output.

Also, you really should be using "?=" operators on those optimisation
flags, in case something else overrides them. Yes, I know what the
documentation in share/examples/etc/make.conf says, but I still
recommend doing what I said.

Hummm... while you, or anybody, could say me anything about this, I
try with the "?=" operator, but if without operators doesn't

Thank you Jeremy.

Have a nice day ;-)

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