Re: Fwd: FreeBSD 6.3 and Intel G33

On Thu, 17 Jan 2008, Daniel O'Connor wrote:
DPMS should work with the VESA driver even, not to discourage you
from the right solution.

The X log file says DPMS is enabled but doing 'xset dpms force off'
doesn't do anything (although when you move the mouse or press a key
the whole display refreshes so it appears X thinks it's been off)

I have found some more time & hardware to try and fix this problem..

I merged the AGP code from HEAD into my tree (and vga_pci.c) but I am
still getting "Couldn't bind memory for front buffer" from the ports
intel driver.

I tried to build the GIT version but it wants libdrm 2.4.0 and ports
only has 2.3.0. It's CoB for today so I'll try installing that

If you have any input I'd be most appreciative :)

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