Re: alpm(4) I/O range is claimed by ACPI

On Tuesday 16 September 2008 10:58:54 pm KAHO Toshikazu wrote:

I am sorry to mistake copying message-id and break mail thread.

I tried looking for this device in the DSDT, I don't see anything which
obviously resembles it. The equivalent Linux driver has a means of
forcing the mapping to be set up if it isn't available:

It looks like there used to be a means of doing this in the FreeBSD
driver but it got nuked. And that ASUS didn't much care about power
management support in this machine...

If you can re-enable it in such a way that it uses bus_alloc_resource(),
the driver will probably work fine.

How to re-enable it? Please give me some points. PCIR_BAR is always 0,
even if any values are written by pciconf.

Well, bus_alloc_resource() will allocate resources for the BAR and update the
BAR for you, the question is if you need to hardcode the range to
bus_alloc_resource() or not.

John Baldwin
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