Re: switching bsdlabel's label

Jerry McAllister wrote:
What sysinstall does is assume that the 'a' partition will be
used for a root mount and the 'b' partition will be used for swap.
Sinc 'c' is reserved, it starts with 'd'. Then, if you later
add an 'a' it will end up being later (higher offset) than the 'd'.

I suppose it might confuse a person, but otherwise it is no problem
and probably would be best to just leave it that way.

The boot process assumes (by default) that the root file
system is on the "a" partition. If it isn't, you won't
be able to boot from that disk, unless you enter the real
root partition at the boot0 prompt.

So it is really a good idea to switch the partitions in
the label before putting that disk into production.

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