Re: Potential 8.0-BETA3 regression ? acd0 no longer probes/attaches

On Sun, Aug 23, 2009 at 11:26 PM, Pascal Hofstee<caelian@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I took this weekend to install a fresh 8.0-BETA2 on my old Dell
Lattitude D520, and after the initial install proceeded with a typical
buildworld run.
Now with the new kernel (which reports itself as 8.0-BETA3) my CD/DVD
combo drive has gone entirely missing.

Booting the older 8.0-BETA2 kernel does probe/attach acd0 though.

Any else that can affirm missing CD/DVD drives after upgrading to 8.0-BETA3 ?

Following up on my own post ....

I just noticed (after putting my laptop on its docking station) that
when it's docked (with acpi_dock loaded) it DOES find the CD/DVD
I expect something odd is going on when acpi_dock is loaded but the
system is not actually on the docking station. I'll keep a closer eye
on things the next couple of days but i think it's safe to assume that
although the behaviour is "interesting" ... it is not a regression in

Pascal Hofstee
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