Re: named stop not stopping

Doug Barton wrote:
Lisa Besko wrote:
We had an issue with the /etc/rc.d/named script this morning where it
looped/hung in the wait_for_pids subroutine. We run a job to restart
named which calls the /etc/rc.d/named script with a stop command. For
some reason named did not stop properly and the process continued to
list PIDs from the wait_for_pids subroutine forever. Has anyone ever
encountered this before?

We are running 7.2 stable and bind 9.4.3-P3 on an AMD system.

First, please verify that you have the latest version of
/etc/rc.d/named installed.

Second, this could happen if the call in that script to rndc
succeeded, but for some reason rndc was not able to actually kill the
binary. In that case there should be something in the logs that
indicates what the problem is.

I'm running a current supported version of bind. It's the one that was included with 7.2 stable and has been patched.

The only thing I see in my logs is the icmp unreach message but that does not start until after the named stop command was issued.

kernel: Limiting icmp unreach response from 259 to 200 packets/sec

Currently we changed the way we run our restart script to do a kill -9 if all else fails. The /etc/rc.d/named script uses a kill -TERM if the original rcnd stop fails. In this case that wasn't enough.

Thanks for the input.

Lisa Besko
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