Re: Tunnel IPv6 requests to my IPv4 servers?

That said, I'll add my voice to the suggestion that it is very simple to
get IPv6 going on pretty much anything

Hmmm... half the boxes I host, I don't have a login to, yet for some odd reason, I want to make my network 100% IPv6 accessible.

I manage two /22's so, I'm sitting on a pile of IPs. First off, I'm going to get a one-to-one mapping setup for every IP -- hopefully through 6tunnel (I'll look into that, thanks for the pointer). Second, I'll migrate to multiple IPs on boxes that I have access to / boxes that support IPv6. (Example: Pre FreeBSD 7.2 box jails only support one IP)

Goal: 100% IPv6 ready, whether my customers want it or not!

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