Re: Policy for removing working code

on 08/09/2010 17:01 Vadim Goncharov said the following:
Big thanks for your work, but unfortunately, the problem itself is not ISDN or
network stack, it is deeper. It is the policy or may be style of thought,
discourse. Something like:
progress dictates we need fix/maintainership to feature X
& we have no resources to maintain feature X
-> we announce theis need, but only to _limited_ audience, not wide circles
-> nobody responds
-> the X code is removed
AND we think this logic chain is correct, thought we did not things this way
even 5 years ago.

So, get to work, become a committer, get elected to core and have a control over
these procedures. [And maybe your perspectives will change along the way]
Until then, please, let's stop wasting time on this issue.

Andriy Gapon
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