-DNO_CLEAN compiling & recent changes as of ~two weeks.

Somewhere is the last two weeks it seems something has changed on
8-STABLE that causes a complete rebuild of the kernel every time it is

While this is not too much of a problem, it is quite a neusense when
attempting to make a quick change that would only require a recompile of
the effected code and relink that would only amount to about 5 or 10

I am running FreeBSD 8.3-STABLE #0 r234692 i386 where this has been an
issue. The earliest part of the kernel I always see compile is ACPI code
if that helps to determine the problem.

A few committs that I picked out that might cause it but only a guess
is... (I could be wrong about these)

After 8.3-RELEASE

Before 8.3-RELEASE

Maybe just a text or data relocation issue ? Has anyone else noticed this ?

To test after a full build of kernel #0.

2) cd /usr/src
3) time -h make -DNO_CLEAN buildkernel

This should only take a few minutes as an example only recompiling what
only is needed.


- (2^(N-1))

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