[HPADM] RE: HTTP Trace for ns-httpd

From: Fong, Anna (anna_at_water.ca.gov)
Date: 06/24/03

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    Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 11:56:26 -0700
    To: "Johnson, Craig E" <Craig.E.Johnson@icn.siemens.com>, <hpux-admin@DutchWorks.nl>

    Found Sun Alert regarding HTTP Trace for iPlanet -- http://sunsolve.Sun.COM/pub-cgi/retrieve.pl?type=0 <http://sunsolve.Sun.COM/pub-cgi/retrieve.pl?type=0&doc=fsalert%2F50603&display=plain> &doc=fsalert%2F50603&display=plain
    I believe the solution listed for iPlanet 4.1 can also be implemented for NES. Under your server root directory, there should be an example -- /nsapi/examples/auth.c for creating an NSAPI.
    Summary of solution from above
    1) Create a file called reject_trace.c and paste the code below into it
            ----------------------------- start --------------------------------
            #include "nsapi.h"
            NSAPI_PUBLIC int reject_trace(pblock *pb, Session *sn, Request *rq)
                    const char *method;
                    method = pblock_findval("method", rq->reqpb);
                    if (method && !strcmp(method, "TRACE")) {
                    * Set a bogus content length so the TRACE handler will refuse to
                    * handle the request
                 param_free(pblock_remove("content-length", rq->headers));
                 pblock_nvinsert("content-length", "-1", rq->headers);
                 log_error(LOG_WARN, "reject-trace", sn, rq, "rejecting TRACE request");
                 protocol_status(sn, rq, PROTOCOL_NOT_IMPLEMENTED, NULL);
                 return REQ_ABORTED;
            return REQ_NOACTION;
            ----------------------- end --------------------------------
    2) Compile the NSAPI:

               <http://docs.sun.com/source/816-5673-10/04_mysaf.htm#15053(4.x> http://docs.sun.com/source/816-5673-10/04_mysaf.htm#15053(4.x)
    3) Edit the obj.conf and add to the end of the Init section:
            Init fn="load-modules" shlib="<path to library>/reject_trace.so"funcs="reject_trace"
    Then after the line <Object name="default"> add the following
            AuthTrans fn="reject_trace"

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    Does anyone know how to disable HTTP Trace for the Netscape webserver? Details appreciated. Thanks.

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