[HPADM] ServiceGuard on Mission Critical 11i

From: Stocker, Nick (Nick.Stocker_at_logicacmg.com)
Date: 08/13/04

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    To: "HPadmin (E-mail)" <hpux-admin@dutchworks.nl>
    Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 11:33:37 +0100

    Dear Gurus,
    I am attempting to install MirrorDisk and ServiceGuard on a Mission Critical
    (11i) server.
    I have been told that because we've purchased Mission Critical then MD and
    SG are unlocked (i.e no need for codewords).
    I have also been told that you need special application cd's for Mission
    Has anyone else done this and/or does anyone know what APPLICATION CD's I
    should be using for SG and MD?
    The ones I have are Application CD's from Dec 2003 but these don't mention
    "mission critical" and are locked.
    I would appreciate a quick response to this so I know what I should be
    asking for!!!
    Nick Stocker.

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