Ultra 10 Motherboard troubleshooting

From: anil bindal (bindal@dcmtech.co.in)
Date: 04/15/03

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    From: anil bindal <bindal@dcmtech.co.in>
    To: "sunmanagers@sunmanagers.org" <sunmanagers@sunmanagers.org>
    Date: 15 Apr 2003 17:00:31 +0530

    Hi all,

    Would like to thank all who responded back with solutions. It is the
    Mother board which is bad and not giving any display on CRT ( on board
    VGA ) or on serial -A conncted to laptop ( Hyper Terminal )

    What should be my next approach ?

    1) What if i migrate the HDD to a working ultra 10 machine ?
    2) My next problem would be how to make various licenses work on the new
    machine but with the failed MB host -id . For this i think i can just
    replace the NVRAM of the good MB with the failed MB NVRAM chip.But if it
    still does not solve the problem , then is it safe to altogether change
    the host-id in the NVRAM chip of the good MB to host-id of the failed MB
    . Any experiences on this ??

    Also to further diagnose the problem, is it OK if i just replace the
    NVRAM chip on the faulty MB with a good one ( from a working machine MB
    ) to see if the display comes ??

    Could display problem be caused by faulty NVRAM ?? Since the KBD flashes
    once , i guess CPU is fine. there is slso one beep heard but no display.

    Once again thanks for all your help.

    anil bindal

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