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From: Claudio Lapidus (
Date: 08/15/03

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    Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2003 22:58:23 -0300

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    > What is the proper place to configure static routes for a Solaris host? I
    > mean, besides the default gateway configured in /etc/defaultrouter...
    > I need to add a second static to point to a certain net via a dedicated
    > gateway. I checked SunDocs but I've been unable to find anything

    There is general consensus in adding a script like this one:

    $ cat /etc/rc2.d/S76static-routes
    route add -net ...
    route add -net ...

    The exact number may vary a bit, but the idea is to get it executed just
    after IP services are up, so any application that might come afterwards find
    the routes already in place.

    Also, many people point out that there seems to have no standard provision
    in Solaris for this task, lacking a dedicated file for this purpose like
    other Unices have.

    Thank you *very* much to all who responded, including Judith Reed, Mark, Jon
    Polak, Michael Peters, Peter Ondruska, Mike Sandler, Russell Page, Siva
    Santhakumar, Andrew Caines, Steven Haywood, David Harrington, Steve Starer,
    Eliezer Ramm, Reggie Beavers, Matthew Westover, Charles Homan, Andres Rojas,
    Charlotte Ratliff, Andrew Rotramel and Alan Pae.

    As usual, responses started to came back after 8 minutes! Now go and get
    that from a commercial support :)

    thanks again
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