(NO) SUMMARY: Urgent need SUNWlibCx Sol8 2/02

From: Patricio Mora López (patricio.mora.ext_at_juntadeandalucia.es)
Date: 11/07/03

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    Date: Fri, 07 Nov 2003 19:16:47 +0100
    To: Sun Managers List <sunmanagers@sunmanagers.org>

    I've found this in Sun's package list :
    SUNWlibCx Sun Workshop Bundled 64-bit libC
    Maybe this a 64 bit only packge. I have suppport for only 32 bits
    installed. So I think this in an error of the system check performed by the
    Firewall installer. No need to continue the search. Firewall's staff will
    find out the cause of the strange behaviour. Probably we'll install Solaris
    9 64 bit and hand-type all of the rules. Thanks all.

    WC Jones escribis:

    > >system SUNWlibCx Sun WorkShop Bundled 64-bit libC
    > >
    > >I need this package to proceed with the installation of a Firewall (NG
    > >FP3). Can't find it in none of the CDs. Anyone knows where is it?
    > Did you purchase or download those CDs?
    > Install developer packages but not the whole OEM
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