[SunHELP] Sun Ultra 5_10 Boot Problem

From: Andrew McGlashan (sunmgr_at_affinityvision.com.au)
Date: 10/31/04

To: <sunmanagers@sunmanagers.org>
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2004 08:53:16 +1100

I have the same problem with an Ultra 10 I just bought from an auction.

Checked all cables, tried a couple of different IDE disks (no SCSI setup).

Reset NVRAM (stop-n on powerup)

probe-ide and test-all both work fine.

setenv boot-device cdrom
setenv diag-device cdrom
setenv diag-switch? true
boot cdrom -vs

Fails at "Loading: /usr/platform/SUN4u/ufsboot" stage - just hangs.

Tried to add kadb to the boot line, but it made no difference.

Haven't got any install or boot server, so can't try that option....

Media used Solaris 10/01 - both "Install" and "Software 1 of 2"; neither
works on this box.

Box has 440MHz CPU, 1 GB RAM, 13W3 graphic card (tried with this removed
too), onboard VGA port.

Anything further on this anyone?


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