SUMMARY: Hard drive swap out in an Ultra 10?

From: ert weerr (
Date: 12/30/04

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    Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 18:20:44 -0800 (PST)
    To: Sunmanagers <>


    Thanks for the help!
    Eventually I bought a 80G WD drive and tried to
    install the OS.
    The system, for some reasons just detected the
    drive as a 40G one, but I could create the slices
    and install Solaris 8 on the drive.

    The box is still working however I have no idea
    what should I install or change to get the system
    to see the whole drive...

    Thanks again for the help!



    --- Tim Chipman <> wrote:

    > Hi,
    > A regular "parallel EIDE" drive (ie, something that
    > they do NOT call
    > "serial-ATA") should work fine. Assuming you are
    > using solaris8,
    > anything up to 120gigs should be supported easily.
    > Above this size,
    > things can become complicated, the HDD controller
    > doesn't support
    > extra-large devices so you don't have access to the
    > space abouve ~130
    > gig anyhow, and config is a bit messier, so best
    > avoided IMHO. ATA
    > 100,133, etc are all "backwards compatible" so don't
    > worry about this
    > spec in any way.
    > IIRC, the HDD should be jumpered "master/slave" -
    > just look at how the
    > part is configured that you are removing.
    > Also note, if you are using something pre-solaris8
    > as the OS, "large"
    > HDDs (>20 gig) may also cause some fun with setup.
    > Typically, when installing a new HDD, my procedure
    > is,
    > -get a 7200rpm part with 8mb cache if possible, go
    > for a good brand with
    > 3-5 year warranty (seagate or maybe WD, but not
    > maxtor typically)
    > -jumper the HDD the same as the part it replaces
    > -boot from solaris installer cd "1", if required run
    > "devlinks" and
    > "disks" OR devfsadm
    > -run "format" and confirm the device is seen, it
    > will complain about a
    > non-solaris disk label possibly
    > -"label" the disk
    > -quit format, run again, create slice layout you
    > want. Save layout.
    > -exit format, newfs the slices, restore from backup
    > or proceed with
    > clean install of OS.
    > I've installed generic 3rd party IDE disks into
    > ultra5 and blade100
    > regularly, no problems at all.
    > HTH,
    > Tim
    > ert weerr wrote:
    > >Guys,
    > >
    > >I have to swap out a hard drive in an Ultra10
    > >workstation.
    > >
    > >Can I buy any IDE drive in the local computer
    > store?
    > >As I see there are so many different IDE interfaces
    > >so I'm a bit uncertain if the system could use a
    > new
    > >drive with ATA-100 or SATA interface...
    > >
    > >Could you please advice what drive I should buy?
    > >
    > >Thanks in advance!
    > >
    > >Regards,
    > >
    > >John
    > >
    > >
    > >
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