Dependency difficulties with SUNWCreq install on Solaris 10

My ultimate question is this: What is the minimum dependency
requirement to augment a Solaris 10 SUNWCreq install with packages
from disks 2 through 4? The background follows.

When I attempt a core install - SUNWCreq - on Solaris 10 (sparc) and
add packages via the custom install option, I find that I am unable to
add services, man pages, and other packages essential to the functions
for which the system is required to perform without running into
debilitating dependency problems. I haven't had to do a core install
in many years - the last time, I was working with Solaris 8 and none
of this was an issue then.

Clearly, the install program requires some java (the "VM" - SUNWj3r
and/or SUNWj5t) - if you don't include them, you are not prompted for
CDs 2 and 4, which contain virtually all of the extras you might want,
things like Bind and Apache. But the java packages cry out for many
other packages like X11, Motif, and other seemingly unnecessary
software. I end up with over 30-40 packages I don't want and have to
remove later. A minor annoyance, perhaps, but by eliciting the
opinions and experiences of other Sun admins, I hope to describe a
more efficient, deterministic path to a core-plus installation.

Please help to ensure a seminal and enduring holiday summary.

--Greg Chavez
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