SUN QFE-Card in Sol. 10/x86 on V20z?

Hi all,

I need some more interfaces on a V20z running with Solaris 10 1/06. I have
some ol' QFE-cards lying around, and thought it would be a good choice for
the problem to use one of them.
Hm... Unfortunately, it's not recognized, so I searched the web to get the
appr. driver. I figured out that I need a package called SUNWqfed, but it
seems this package is not available for Sol. 10/x86?! I can't find it on the
jumpstart, and at SUN's download center, I've only found packages for the
new GigaSwift cards.
Or, will the GigaSwift driver support the old QFE-card also? Would be nice
to get it working, I don't need Ggabit, so it does not make sense to buy new

Anyone did this before? Any suggestions where to get driver?

Thanks, will summarize,

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