Configure sendmail in Solaris 9 to not use DNS resolution for the email addresses

We're trying to configure sendmail on a machine running Solaris 9 for
sending mails via an "smart" relay host (DS... in /etc/mail/

The problem we have is, that sendmail trys to resolve the domain names
of the target email addresses, e.g. if we send an email to
bs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx sendmail trys to "resolve" . This fails because the nameserver used does
not know this domain and because of this sendmail does not send the
email to the relay.

At least that is what the mail people in our company told us. They also
told us that the "normal" sendmail daemon uses a file called
/etc/mail/service.switch to configure the name resolution but that the
use of this file is disabled in the sendmail daemon from Solaris 9.

If we change the hosts entry in /etc/nsswitch.conf to "hosts: files"
instead of "hosts: files dns" everything works.

How can we tell sendmail to change this behaviour (because we must have
dns configured in /etc/nsswitch.conf)?

Note that the connection to the mail relay and the DNS server are ok.



Bernd Schemmer, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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