building perl modules on Solaris 9


I'm working on Sun Sparc 9.

I have a bunch of existing web applications
to get running from a dead x86 Solaris box.
Most of them use mod_perl modules.

I had gcc3 and gmake from Sunfreeware,
using pkg-get from Blastwave

I could get most perl modules to install OK
using perl -MCPAN -e method and the Sun Perl.

I ran into an error getting DBI compiled/installed.

At that point I read about the GNU synergy and
installed perl 5.8.7 from sun freeware.

Now I have problems building most modules.
The build ends like so:

Checking if your kit is complete...
Looks good

I see you're using perl 5.008007 on sun4-solaris, okay.
Remember to actually *read* the README file!
Use 'make' to build the software (dmake or nmake on Windows).
Then 'make test' to execute self tests.
Then 'make install' to install the DBI and then delete this working
directory before unpacking and building any DBD::* drivers.

Writing Makefile for DBI

I'm puzzled as to why it thinks we are running perl 5.0
The perl in my path is showing 5.8.7 with -V.
I thought perhaps I should install cpan again
since I have a newer perl, but that also fails like

Does anyone have a hint to share?


--Donald Teed
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