autofs question

I have a server that exports two large disks 89G and 45G respectively.
Periodically I can't mount the shares via automount either from a client
or a web server. There is nfs: mount failure messages in the error log.
I have ran rpc.nfsd or automount in debug. I have increased the number
of nfs servers to 32 even though only about 100 users have ever mounted
their home directories at any one time. The web server is well used all
the time. Neither the web server nor the data server indicates any
problem using top. I have switched off my Antivirus software in case
there was an issue there but it didn't help.

Can anyone suggest how to identify the cause of the problem or what I
should do to address it? I have looked at the th line /proc/net/rpc/nfsd
but it doesn't give too much away

Error message:

mount: RPC: Timed out

automount[19423]: mount(nfs): nfs: mount failure

automount[19423]: failed to mount

I have a SUSE 9.3 server running autofs-3.1.7 a web server with the same
software. The data server has joined my Solaris 7 nis domain as has my
web server.

Kevin Gallagher


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