awk ">" number comparisons; scripting help request

OK, it's NOT Solaris per se, but scripting and awk I have a problem
with: can you help or point me towards another resource?

consider the awk statement where $9 is greater than the threshold, I
print the entire line:

root@gumby prstat -s cpu -n 10 2 1 | egrep -v "NICE" | awk -F" " '($9 >
"20%") {print $0}'
701 root 1047M 911M sleep 59 0 2:18:36 9.8% java/62

What I am trying to accomplish is to catch a java process that goes
haywire and consumes more than 40% of the cpu and makes the box crawl
for interactive users.

sometimes prstat prints the results as a whole number like "20%" and
sometimes it prints a decimal like "1.5%" or "0.3%".

The awk -F" " '($9 > "X%") produces unpredictable results. Anyone have
a technique or work around for normalizing the X% to a consistant
format? Does gawk have better ">" operations?

Kind regards
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