Sun StorEdge Configuration Service - Download

Where can I download Sun StorEdge Configuration Service as I don't have the
CD? The below only has the SUNWsscs package?


Sun StorEdge [tm] 3000 Family Storage Products--Related Software V
2.3General Availability Management
software for the Sun StorEdge 3000 Family of storage products can be
downloaded below, including Sun StorEdge Configuration Service, Sun StorEdge
Diagnostic Reporter, and the Sun StorEdge CLI.

Initially this version 2.3 software is for use with the Sun StorEdge 3510 FC
array running firmware version 4.15. Other Sun StorEdge 3000 family products
will use it at the time they support firmware version 4.15. The 2.3 software
is backward-compatible with earlier firmware versions, and so can be used
with other Sun StorEdge 3000 family products, but some new functionality
requires version 4.15 firmware.

A new version of the SMI-S provider for the Sun StorEdge 3510 array and Sun
StorEdge 3511 array, including installation instructions, can also be
downloaded. The version 2.3 provider is used with Sun StorEdge Enterprise
Storage Manager Advanced Applications (ESM-AA) Management Software 4.1, the
WBEM Solutions J WBEM Server (from the ESM-AA 4.1 Accessory CD), and Sun
StorEdge Configuration Service version 2.3.
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