new updatemanager on Solaris 9 not patching itself

We just installed updatemanager on a Solaris 9 server and have been installing
security patches. We were careful to install all patches to the patching
system first and the first 3 or 4 rounds went well. When we selected the
kernel update, header files and clib stuff the system was too busy and did not
go down gracefully. When it rebooted, it DID NOT drop to single-user mode
apply the new patches. We checked and they showed downloaded but not
installed. We tried rebooting and single user mode and then rebooting several
times but couldn't get it to install the patches (and NO, they were not the
"green arrow" download only type).

So, we thought - maybe this action to drop to single user mode and install
patches is a one time deal written to tmp and is gone and, if so, maybe
installing another patch requiring reboot would trigger it and it would
install the patches. This did not work.

Q: Does anyone know how to get this to install the patches?

P.S. I suppose rm -rf on the /var/sadm/patch/[patch#] but I worry that would
corrupt the database? {no}?

Robert Threet

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