Java Plugin Failing to Work with Firefox 3.6 on Solaris 10 (SPARC)

We're having trouble getting the Java plugin ( to
run in the Firefox 3.6 browser (SFWfirefox) on Solaris 10 (SPARC).

I see on the Java web site that...

"Starting in Firefox 3.6, Mozilla foundation will drop support on OJI (Open
Java Virtual Machine Integration) and will only support the standard NPAPI and
NPRuntime interfaces. The Java Plug-in which is in Java version 6 update 10 or
newer versions supports the NPAPI and NPRuntime interfaces. Therefore,
starting with Firefox 3.6, Java-based applets will NOT work unless you are
running Java version 6 Update 10 or newer."


Our "old" Java plugin that we used with our "old" Firefox 3.5 is:

The plugin recommendation that we got from the mailing list

Which is the NPAPI (Netscape Plugin API) plugin
( I believe.

We did two tests, 1) to link to this file and 2) copied it in place, and we
can get the Java plugin to show up in Firefox 3.6. The two Java tests we did
that fail are:

1) The WebLogic 8.1 console, which has a Java menu and the menu does not

2) I created a small test applet
tml) and it just shows a gray box and nothing else

Any ideas?

Brian L. Jester
System Engineer
1615 Murray Canyon Road, Suite 400
San Diego, CA 92108

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