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NOTE: This message is posted periodically to sunmanagers on behalf of all
members of the Sunmanager's mailing list. Please read it carefully
before posting. This document can be retrieved from:

Dear prospective sunmanagers poster,

Before posting, please stop for a minute and consider whether or not your
posting is suitable for Sunmanagers. The list is not intended for just any
possible question related to managing Sun equipment or software. The only
appropriate questions for Sun Managers are time-critical questions about Sun
system management problems that are not answered in the manuals or system
documentation, or in the Sunmanager's FAQ.

In particular, the following kinds of postings are not appropriate:

- Subscribe and unsubscribe messages. Point your web browser to instead.
- Test messages of any sort.
- Discussions about anything, including discussions about the list
itself, or followups to any posting, with the exception of a single
summary to one's own question summarizing the email responses. Use
instead one of the Sun newsgroups, eg. comp.sys.sun.admin,
comp.sys.sun.hardware or comp.unix.solaris.
- Replies to any SunManagers posting, even if the reply is a
separate question. Please send a separate message instead.
- Postings not related to Sun equipment or software. Use the
appropriate newsgroup or mailing list instead. For example,
if your question concerns "sendmail", please consult the
comp.mail.sendmail newsgroup or the website.
- General UNIX or network questions. Use the appropriate newsgroup,
eg. comp.unix.questions instead.
- Postings that are not time-critical. Use one of the Sun newsgroups,
eg. comp.sys.sun.admin, comp.sys.sun.hardware or comp.unix.solaris.
- Questions answered in the FAQ. Read the FAQ instead. If you're
not sure if the question is in the FAQ, please check before asking.
You can find the FAQ at:
- Questions that are answered in the manuals, or
system documentation. Read the manuals instead. If you're not sure
if the question is answered in the manuals, please check first!
- Job postings, requests for jobs, sales pitches, etc. Use the
appropriate newsgroup instead.
- Please, no postings in HTML, rich-text-format, Microsoft Word,
Word Perfect, or any format that some people on the list would not
easily be able to read. Also, please post in English only; most
of our readers are not able to read other languages.
- Please do not BCC (blind carbon copy) the list. Many of our
list members depend on the list address appearing on incoming
mail messages, so that they can automatically distinguish list
traffic from other traffic.

Please note that we are not saying these postings are necessarily "bad" or
"stupid". They are not. They are merely inappropriate for this list. There
are many other lists and newsgroups for which the question may be completely
appropriate, and we encourage you to submit the posting there.

Note also that your question may have been already answered in the past.
Please spend a minute or two checking one of the Sunmanager's archives,
for example, at, or one of the archive sites
mentioned in the FAQ.

Here's an example of an appropriate question:

I have a SPARCserver 99 running Solaris 9.8.7 with the fizbozz patch
and the jumbo kernel patch version 158. After I installed
Futzbarworks version 3.2, the machine locks up every couple of
hours. When it locks up, the following message appears on the
zz0: out of futzbufs. Barworks table is full.
I need to get this machine working as soon as possible. Please
help! Send email and I will summarize to the list.

To submit a question, email it to sunmanagers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx When you do
this, please indicate all relevant information, including machine type, OS
version and patches. Collect email replies, and then summarize them to the
list. If your question was posted with a subject of "foobar", for example,
then please post your summary with a subject of "SUMMARY: foobar".

Why are we asking that only certain types of postings be submitted to the
list? Very simply, the reason is this: we want the list to have a very
short turnaround time, and the only reasonable way to do this is to keep it
unmoderated. But this means that every message sent to the list ends up in
the mailboxes of all the list members. To keep all the members of the list
from being deluged by inappropriate messages, we need everyone's co-operation
in ensuring that only appropriate messages are sent to the list.

Please remember, Sunmanagers is a public forum: we have thousands of
subscribers, all posts are archived on numerous archive sites, and these are
searchable via various web engines. A great number of people will read your
message. Keep in mind that the person reading your message may be your boss,
your future boss, your customer, your seminar instructor, your colleague, or
someone else that you work with today or may find yourself working with
tomorrow. We do not want you to embarrass yourself by sending an
inappropriate or poorly thought-out posting.


John DiMarco <jdd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Sunmanagers Information Files Maintainer
sunmanagers mailing list