SUMMARY: v125 battery: CR2032 vs BR2032 (UNCLASSIFIED)

Thanks to the several helpful respondents who replied to me, and a stick to a
certain sphincter.

One pointed me to this page with a helpful explanation. Most seemed to think
that it would work okay, but not have the lifetime or environmental tolerances
of a BR cell. Given the hassles involved -- two trans-oceanic countries and
rather obstructionist staff -- we've directed them to just source a CR and
we'll give that a try. If the box craters, we'll just have it replaced with
an x4100m2 or a new x4170m2.


So what's the difference between a CR2032 and a BR2032?

Most Lithium cells have a nominal terminal potential of 3 volts. Like other
primary cells, however, their voltage gradually diminishes as they discharge.
Because of somewhat different design, the BR-type cells yield more uniform
voltage over most of their useful life, but near end of life, their terminal
voltage falls precipitously. CR-type cells, on the other hand, exhibit a more
gradual decline in voltage over most of the discharge interval, and thus they
may give somewhat longer service in circuits designed to tolerate a wide range
of terminal voltage. They also cost less than equivalent BR-type cells.

We don't always have BR-type cells in stock, but when we do have them, they
will be mentioned somewhere on this site. If you're looking for them (or for
anything else, for that matter), please use the box below to search for the
type you need.

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I've got a v125 on another continent whose support contract has lapsed.
sources that I've found specify a BR2032 battery but I've seen a few
references to CR2032. Our hands over there are having a tough time sourcing
replacement BR2032 -- any experience on whether a CR2032 will work?
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