JBOD / passthrough mode on LSI MegaRAID SAS 9261-8 aka Sun Storage 6 Gb/s SAS PCIe RAID HBA SG-SAS6-R-INT-z ?

I've searched the web and found only others asking this, with a few hints but
no answers.

I have an x4170m2 that was purchased by someone outside the company that came
with one of these pointless RAID HBA's. I'm trying to figure out how to get
the thing to simply present the four disks attached to it to BIOS and the OS
as-is, without RAID games, so that I can set up customary ZFS goodness on

I entered a ticket with Soracle, and so far the tech's response has been that
he's never heard of this card -- despite the fact that it's what the system
ships with by default!

The BIOS configuration utility presented by the card is even worse than the
typical PC-oriented card: the textual interface is a CLI that's cryptic
beyond belief, and "WebBIOS" turns out to only work on a graphical console,
with the usual limited compatibility with ILOM's remote console utility (eg.
the mouse doesn't work). I managed to destroy whatever volume it had
configured from the factory, but can't figure out how to get it to pass
through the disks, or even set up stupid one-disk virtual volumes.

I tried booting diskless and using megacli, but when I grab that from Intel's
web site and run it, it doesn't appear to even see the HBA. The HBA at
power-on does report four attached disks.

So, I'm hoping that someone out there might have an idea of how to bypass the
onboard RAID lunacy on this card so that I can get the system installed and in
production. I'll summarize as appropriate. Thanks!
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