Concise steps to cut/present StorageTek to a Sparc server

The vendor set this black box up & after that nobody knows how
to operate our Sun StorageTek 2540FC Array which is currently
connected to a pair of clustered SPARC via FC HBA.

Found the following voluminous manual but it's not what I wanted:

I'll need concise steps to cut/present a 50GB LUN to both the
cluster nodes, eg: the NetApp OnTap below:

Then after the LUN is presented to one of the SPARC node,
what's the details & sequence of steps that need to be performed
on the Solaris end:

cfgadm -aL
format (to slice the LUN presented?)
devfsadm -c disks (is it 'disks' or 'disk' ?: does this need kernel
mkdir /mount_point
mount /dev/rdsk/c11t11d0s2 /mount_point
updated into /etc/vfstab so that the mounting
is persistent after reboots

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