SUMMARY: Problem installing ECO T64KIT1001167-V51BB27-ES-20070321

Thanks to: Olle Eriksson, Dustin Marquess, Bill Glessner, HP Support

Conclusion is that the inventory within the patch is incorrect, and needs to be modified to change the dependency list.

HP have provided me with an updated patch which corrects the problem, and applies cleanly on PK4-PK5 upgraded systems.

Full summary details here:

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Subject: Problem installing ECO T64KIT1001167-V51BB27-ES-20070321

I am seeing the same problem as reported in this email, but I didn't see any solution posted to the list yet.

Has anyone found a solution, or a way to work around the path application failure?

I've opened a case with HP (3218624946), their engineers are look into the issue.

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It seems that the question/issue regarding installation of the ERP/ECO
T64KIT1001167-V51BB27-ES-20070321 is: should an ERP/ECO for the Tru64unix
version 5.1B BL27 operating environment to be applied over aggregate patch kit
6 have conflicts or intersections with a patch from a previous aggregate patch
- in this case aggregate patch kit 5?
If so, then are there instructions in the installation documentation for
aggregate patch kit 6 to remove all BL26 ERP/ECO kits including aggregate
patch kit 5?

Bill Glessner - System programmer
Central Washington University

During the installation of the T64KIT1001167-V51BB27-ES-20070321 ECO, I have
encountered a problem. Specifically, in the "Checking patch prerequisites and
patch file applicability..." phase the dupatch script produces a number of
"Problem installing:" messages for the C2001.00 OpenSSL 9.8d patch where
conflicts between parts of the C2001.00 patch and a SP05 patch 26114.00 are
called out. The system in question has been in operation for several years
and during its lifetime the SP05 and SP06 Tru64unix have been installed over
the initial Tru64unix version 5.1B distribution. The exact sequence has been
Tru64unix version 5.1B -> Aggregate patch kit 5 (BL26) -> BL26 ERPs which
applied to the system's hw/sw configuration -> Removal of the BL26 ERPs prior
to installation of Aggregate patch kit 6 -> Aggregate patch kit 6 (BL27) ->
BL27 daylight savings time ECO C2017.00. What is the recommended procedure
for resolving the "Problem installing:" messages for the ERPkit C2001.00?

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