ksh script question

Hello Admins,

trying to have a script that will write to a NFS mounted drive, but will
write to a local drive if the NFS mounted one is not available. Trying
this with a cd to the local drive 1st, then a cd to the NFS mounted one

LOCALDRV=/home/users/mfg/xxbusint1; export LOCALDRV
NFSDRV=/home/whlzdev/xxbusint1; export NFSDRV

cd $LOCALDRV; sleep 1

exec /someexecutable

When either the Local or NFS drives aren't there, the 'cd' command
returns an error value of >0 and exits the shell script.

Any suggestions?

Blake Brehl
Sys Admin/DBA
Anritsu Company United States
Morgan Hill, CA