Re: Portents of VMS death

From: Alan Winston - SSRL Admin Cmptg Mgr (winston_at_SSRL.SLAC.STANFORD.EDU)
Date: 06/04/03

Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2003 02:17:02 GMT

In article <>, JF Mezei <> writes:
>jlsue wrote:
>> Wrong again. It was a test of a very old version of vms against a new UNIX
>> offering.
>Lets say you have an old VAX at 5.5-2 and you are told it is time to buy new
>machines because this "old museum piece" just doesn't cut it anymore.
>So you call <whoever is owner of VMS this week> and they propose to loan you a
>brand new zippy Unix system pre-loaded with the application you want, and
>they've never heard of VMS and tell you Unix is the way to go and that they
>don't have "loaners" for VMS anyways. (or whatever excuse).
>So, as a loyalist to VMS, you still want to push a VMS solution, but all you
>have at your disposal is that old vax at 5.5-2 which you can't upgrade because
>of the old application that is on it.
>What do you do ?
>Now, folks who know about the ambassadors programme may call Sue and arrange
>to have some zippy VMS demo showing all its modern stuff. But ir you don't
>know about Sue or the ambassador programme, who can you turn to when
>Digital/Compaq/HP is unresponsive to VMS requests ?

I was going to say that you don't have to know a secret handshake to find out
about the VMS Ambassadors; there's a link from the
home age to a nice page describing the Ambassadors program, which makes it
clear that if you want to bring in someone who'll say how swell and modern VMS
is, an Ambassador is the one you want.

That page just doesn't seem to have a description of how to get hold of an

-- Alan

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