Re: OpenVMS Alpha V7.3-1 - conneting to internet via ADSL

From: Paul Sture (
Date: 07/26/04

Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 18:38:25 +0200

Starlet731 wrote:
> I don't have a Speedtouch Pro. I know my modem has PPPOE build in. So I can
> connect directly my ADSL modem to the internet using a Web Browser or CLI of
> the modem.
> But how do the other systems on my internal network know to find the
> internet connection? Is it enough then to connect the OpenVMS box directly
> (via the 2nd ethernet card) to the modem?
> Then the gateway for the OpenVMS box will be the modem with a certain IP
> address. Standard this is

Yes, that's correct. Use that address in the commands I gave.

> But how will the other clients (not directly connected to the modem) reach
> the internet. Must this be configured on the OpenVMS system?

You give them the same address as their gateway. The following URL gives
instructions how to do this for Win95/98, but it's pretty similar for
other versions of Windows.


You would give as the gateway address. The instructions say
you need a reboot for the network changes to take effect, but this step
is unnecessary with NT (even though it suggests on).

Paul Sture
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