Re: Mozilla and ODS5

From: Bob Koehler (
Date: 07/27/05

Date: 27 Jul 2005 08:14:13 -0500

In article <VR3$>, (Larry Kilgallen) writes:
> In article <sfCPv911$>, (Bob Koehler) writes:
>> No, its in the jackets code. Mozilla has no idea.
> For what purpose was that written ? What (besides Mozilla) uses it ?

   Anybody porting code from UNIX to VMS can use it (it's been freely
   downloadable for years). It was written to deal with UNIX-isms that
   native VMS routines didn't implement, like making all the filesystems
   appear to start at "/", or the C RTL implemented in a manner which
   distinctly varies from the NUIX behaviour. It's basically a predecessor
   and alternative to GNV and both more recent and still upcoming VMS and
   C RTL enhancements.