Re: Security holiday over for Mac users!

Bill Gunshannon wrote:
Well, as my one contribution to this thread....

It has been pointed out that in order for this virus to work you have
to type the root password into a prompt popup. People here have been
amazed at readily Mac users will do this. We have one Mac using prof
here. I mentioned this to him (mostly as a warning) and was informed
that the Mac prompts for the root password all the time.

You were mis-informed.

Unless you
are running as root (not recommended) every time you do something that
wold require root priveledges it merely asks for the password. Can you
say "Pavlov's dogs"? After doing this several dozen times, most Mac users probably reach a point where they do it without even thinking
much less considering the possible consequence.



The only time a typical Mac user is prompted for the password is when
they are installing a patch ("Software Update"). If you are doing
system stuff, such as manually adding a network route, you need to
"sudo route ...", which prompts for the root password, but I think
99.99% of Mac users *never* do anything like that.

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