Re: file list for ftp in a command procedure

"pcoviello@xxxxxxxxx" wrote:

ok I followed your post above with some mods ( single quotes around P1
& P2) but now I'm getting this


$ @test 01-oct-2005 01-nov-2005
$ if P1 .eqs. "" then Inquire start_date "Please Enter Start Date
$ if P2 .eqs. "" then Inquire end_date "Please Enter End Date
$ start_date = f$cvtime(01-OCT-2005, "comparison", "date" )
%DCL-W-UNDSYM, undefined symbol - check validity and spelling
$ end_date = f$cvtime(01-NOV-2005, "comparison", "date" )
%DCL-W-UNDSYM, undefined symbol - check validity and spelling

Try using P1 amd P2 as per the original post. The fact that the contents
of those symbols are appearing indicates that you may be doing this:

$ start_date = f$cvtime('p1, "comparison", "date" )
$ end_date = f$cvtime('p2, "comparison", "date" )

....instead of this:

$ start_date = f$cvtime(p1, "comparison", "date" )
$ end_date = f$cvtime(p2, "comparison", "date" )

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