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In article <ops6c2lmjezgicya@hyrrokkin>, "Tom Linden" <tom@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
:I have a (working) console cable between 2 XP1000's one running
:8.2 (FREJA) and the other 7.3-1 (ODIN)
: Username Node Process Name PID Terminal
: <login> FREJA _OPA0: 22402C37 OPA0:
: <login> ODIN _OPA0: 22A00346 OPA0:

:Is this expected behaviour?

Probably -- I'm guessing as to what's happening here, but LOGINOUT
will start a login upon unsolicited input, so this case does look
to be expected behaviour, yes, assuming that the console serial
lines involved aren't set up appropriately for this back-to-back
console serial line connection, and you should see failed logins
piling up in the system accounting and/or auditing logs. (And a
failed login can trigger an OPCOM, which can trigger a console
message, which can trigger unsolicited input, which can...)

Me? I'd use a DECserver or equivalent device, and move the console
serial connections out to LAT or telnet. (Do set the DECserver or
terminal server to disable unsolicited input and such to the serial
line ports, depending on the terminal server.)

The OpenVMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section "How can I prevent
a serial terminal line from initiating a login?" might be of some
interest, here. And maybe "Using REPLY/LOG from DCL? Disabling Console
OPCOMs?", depending on what's initiating the chatter on the line.

Oh, and a BREAK signal -- a serial line framing error -- or a [CTRL/P]
in the data stream, depending on the box -- can halt the configuration.
See "Why does my system halt when I power-cycle the console terminal?"
for related.

In any case, do ensure you protect access to the lines, too, as network
access to an (enabled) console is automatic full system control and full
system access. For related, see "I've forgotten the SYSTEM password -
what can I do?" in the FAQ.

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