Re: Opinion: I was just trying to sell OpenVMS

On Wed, 29 Mar 2006 01:09:14 +0100
Michael Kraemer <M.Kraemer@xxxxxx> wrote:

GreyCloud schrieb:

Right now I don't see any small inexpensive desktop VMS units for
sale. My idea of low cost is under $2k. Bulk sales will recoup any
R&D. The fact that DEC did produce a small desktop VMS computer
before managment went south was a good indicator of where DEC was

just to throw in some memories of the past:
About 10 years ago, in the mid-90s, DEC tried to sell
sort of an Alpha-PC. Over here in Germany even retail stores
had them in stock for some time. IIRC they came at the
price of a high-end PC at that time. They ran WindozeNT/alpha.
In the end, they flopped,
although these boxes were the closest approach to the consumer level
one can imagine: half-decent prices, visibility in consumer shops,
M$-OS, M$-apps.

The first alpha-system Vobis was offering (a Jensen back in 92),
carried a pricetag of $5k, the second one (164SX, IIRC) a pricetag
of $3.5k and up. Not very half-decent, if you ask me. Also, the OS they
shipped with those boxes wasn't very well adapted to the machine and
there were hardly any native applications available. This might have
been different with VMS or DUNIX/Tru64 (Linux is quite a dog on Alphas,
if you ask me) without any sophisticated features like clustering and
large systems support. I am rather sure, that this would have brought
the userbase up as well as the choice of software.
But I think I'm just fantasizing too much...

What makes you think this time it would work out ?

Marketing works. That's why DEC went south. It works for Apple, it
didn't work for Vobis then. The reasons (at least what I think the
reasons were) I stated above.