Re: hypothetical question

Dave Froble wrote:

JF Mezei wrote:
re: backup from disk to a disk based saveset.

One issue I have just thought of: so, you create the save set on a
different disk REALLY FAST. But then, how do you savely copy the saveset
to tape ?

To copy the save set to tape, the COPY command is appropriate. This
does have some ramafications. BACKUP is set up to handle some tape
errors, while COPY will not do as well in this area.

True, but remember that the redundancy groups and such are written to
the saveset, regardless of whether the target is disk or tape.

I'd think that if I had problems copying a save set to tape, I'd want to
use another tape. Best to at least start out with no errors, they'll
eventually rear their ugly head in time. However, I'm not sure if
BACKUP will be able to better handle the tape if it didn't write the
save set.

....but, BACKUP *DID* write the saveset! All you did was COPY it from
disk to tape! Just remember to MOUNT the tape FILES-11 and /NOHDR3 so
BACKUP doesn't choke on it later when you MOUNT it /FOREIGN as BACKUP

This would be a question for those supporting the BACKUP utility.

There are no guarantees.


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