Re: TAB character in DCL command-line editing

Phillip Helbig---remove CLOTHES to reply wrote:
In article <445BB014.3040602@xxxxxxxxx>, Fred Bach <music@xxxxxxxxx>

The problem is this: Inserting a TAB anywhere on the DCL
command line prevents inserting characters using Control-A.
DELETE still works, but no characters can be inserted on
my DCL command lines here as long as there is a tab character

Can anyone else reproduce this?

I see your problem, but only if I try to insert something before the TAB.

My problem was that the tab was (almost) the last character

$ Search weeks_of_%%%%.dat "week 1 "

where the last character before the final quote was a tab.

So up-arrowing and trying to change that to "week 11<tab>" didn't
work. In all my years of DCL, back to its infancy, I just do not
recall seeing this before.

.. fred bach music at triumf dot ca


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