Re: Educating potential VMS users

davidc@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 26-5-2006 5:36...
I just picked up at Boot Camp this week a book titled "The Minimum You
Need to Know to Be an OpenVMS Application Developer", ISBN 0-97798660-7
by Roland Hughes. I haven't read the whole thing (going to sessions
and such), but the index and what I have seen appears to provide a
pretty straight forward and concise course. There are even exersizes
(with answers), so the book could be used as a textbook. Even includes
a CDROM with source code used as part of the samples/exersizes.

Great Book! I bought it a couple of weeks ago from Island Corp. Did you *buy* it yourself at Boot Camp, or did HP finally go out on a limb and bought a few hundred copies to dish out?