e: HP to cut down on telecommuting

In article <qi7jb2prp7d2prqjnjruolhrb2i7e0uam7@xxxxxxx>, Steve Matzura <number6@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
This is a trend I'm finding is taking hold across the VMS board. I
was just recently let go from a job where I'd been asking for the
ability to telecommute since '99. Unfortunately, it was 9/11 that gave
me that ability when the building in which my ofice was housed was
closed for three months thereafter while they cleaned it up. After it
reopened in January, 2002, I worked at home at first two days a week,
then three, then I got a new supervisor who permitted me to work at
home full time. It was the best possible situation for both sides--I
was available for more hours per day, which was good for the company,
and I got to lose a commute with which I really couldn't deal due to
physical limitations, which was good for me. Since my separation from
this company earlier this year, I've been looking for VMS work where
telecommuting is embraced, but there's a trend going on out there to
bring everybody back into the ofice that very well may spell the end
of this 25-year VMS professional's work life. And here I thought I had
at least another decade or more to go.

IME, even when corporate policy says they're fine with it, they really
aren't. For example, my company policy is that telecommuting is acceptable as
long as your supervisor is okay with it. That makes perfect sense, you don't
want everybody doing it because some people have no space at home, or no quiet
time, or just need to be directly supervised.
The "legacy" portion of our group is all old-timers who are
unsupervised anyway. We travel a fair bit, and the company strives for
paperless operations, so we have internet or dialup access to everything
corporate. And yet our division boss says "no flippin way".
It's frustrating at times because we're in the D.C. area with the
horrendous traffic and they don't seem to care that they're contributing to it.
A couple years ago my husband got a job at a company about 2 blocks down the
street from my office, so we've been carpooling. Early next year, they're
moving our office to another nearby town... Great... thanks...

- Sharon
"Gravity... is a harsh mistress!"