Re: Use of script languages (Was: Tomcat user authentication question.)

rejoc wrote:
Arne Vajhøj a écrit :
I think that there are plenty of room for both the
compiled "big elephants" like J2EE and ASP.NET and for
smaller solutions including PHP and script languages
like Python and Ruby (especially Python and Ruby in
web context).

both Java and Python applications run on top of a virtual machine... Why do you considere that one is more "compiled" than the other ?

Because that is how it is.

This is how the implementations currently are and this
is how due to the difference in nature of the languages
it will probably always be.

> Ok, in
Python, the "compilation" is done automaticaly when it discovers that there is a source (.py) newer than the .pyc file... but is it enough to considere that the Java virtual machine does not "interpret" the Java byte-code ?

No. But JIT is.

You can even "compile" a Python code into Java byte-code (Jython).

And ? The interpreted nature of Python does not vanish by magic
just because is uses Java byte code.

The issue between Java and Python or any other scripting language is not about compiled or not. You could speak about ecosystem, ease of programming, performance...

Several of theese are determined by the compiled and interpreted
nature of the languages.