Re: zx2000 ?

In article <op.tf4wa8jttte90l@hyrrokkin>, "Tom Linden" <tom@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
|> Just powered one up using the console interface to hyperterm,
|> which is set 9600-8-N-1, the keyboard thru hyperterm doesn't
|> seem to respond, but it displayed a Redhat login prompt. Are
|> the settings wrong?

So the central question here is that you didn't see any EFI console
output, but you did see (apparently once the box booted) RedHat?

For testing, can you try a different or a "real" terminal?

And FWIW, PuTTY and VTstar or the Hyperterm product -- the version
that's presently available, rather than the older and more limited one
integrated into Microsoft Windows -- are likely better emulators, if
you need VT100-class access.

Can you enable autobaud on (whatever) the terminal? The default
speed for EFI serial can be far above 9600 baud, FWIW.

Does this particular box have a management processor installed?